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Celebrating Public Lands and Supporting Local Talent: The Story of Hydrascape and US Park Pass's Commitment

James Nichols |

As an ecommerce business dedicated to celebrating the beauty of our national parks and supporting local artists, US Park Pass is proud to feature the work of Gretchen Leggitt, a Bellingham-based artist whose creative journey has led her from painting murals to designing unique, nature-inspired products. This is the story of how her artistic vision not only beautifies everyday objects but also champions environmental awareness and community engagement.

Gretchen Leggitt: A Journey from Murals to Merchandise

Gretchen Leggitt's artistic story is deeply rooted in the Pacific Northwest. After moving from Colorado over 20 years ago, she found her home in Bellingham, Washington where her creative expression blossomed. Her journey began with large-scale murals, painting her first public artwork in 2018 on the Culture Cafe at 210 E Chestnut St. This initial project, met with heartwarming community appreciation, ignited her passion for public art. Her murals, spanning from Bellingham to Denver, are not only public displays of creativity but landmarks of communal joy and gratitude.

Hydrascape Stickers: A Blend of Art and Utility

Leggitt's artistic exploration took a novel turn when she conceptualized the Hydrascape Stickers. These unique “infinity stickers” are designed to wrap around water bottles, creating a seamless landscape that transcends the boundaries of traditional art forms. Inspired during the creation of Washington state's largest mural, the Encogen Mural, Leggitt envisioned a way to miniaturize her landscapes, merging them with daily utility. This brilliant idea reflects her dedication to both artistic innovation and practical functionality.

Local Manufacturing and Environmental Advocacy

The Hydrascape stickers are more than artistic creations; they are a testament to local production and environmental responsibility. Produced just a block away from Leggitt’s studio, these stickers embody the ethos of supporting the local economy and minimizing the carbon footprint. Hydrascape's commitment extends to using recycled materials and featuring bonus stickers that minimize waste.

Social Impact and Environmental Contributions

Hydrascape's vision aligns closely with US Park Pass's mission to promote environmental stewardship and support nonprofit organizations. By donating to various environmental and community groups, Hydrascape not only advocates for nature conservation but also actively participates in making a difference. Their focus on reusable water bottles as a marketing tool further emphasizes the importance of sustainable practices.

Cultural Representation and Respect

A unique aspect of Hydrascape's approach is the meaningful representation of the landscapes in their designs. By acknowledging both the given and Indigenous names of these places, they pay respect to the rich cultural history of each region. This practice is an important reminder of the deep connection between art, land, and heritage.

US Park Pass's Role in Supporting Artistic Ventures

At US Park Pass, we believe in the power of local artists like Gretchen Leggitt to inspire and make a positive impact. By featuring Hydrascape stickers, we aim to not only offer unique products that celebrate our public lands but also support small businesses and artists who share our values. Leggitt’s story is a shining example of how creativity can intertwine with environmental awareness and community engagement, principles that are at the heart of what we strive to achieve.

Join us in this journey of exploration and appreciation of our beautiful national parks, and support local talents who help bring this vision to life.