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GLACIER National Park Infinity Sticker
GLACIER National Park Infinity Sticker
GLACIER National Park Infinity Sticker
GLACIER National Park Infinity Sticker

GLACIER National Park Infinity Sticker

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Glacier National Park is finally here! With Rocky Mountain peaks, azure glacial lakes, and alpine meadows, this Infinity Sticker® captures moments that make Glacier such a magical place. 


Includes a bonus Mountain Goat sticker!

This one-of-a-kind extra, long sticker is designed to wrap around itself to create an INFINITE LANDSCAPE on any size of bottle! As you rotate your bottle, you will see no beginning and no end to your sticker- just a colorful, unique landscape! This super durable sticker also looks awesome on skis, boards, cars, coolers, racks and beyond!

Dimensions: 3.25”x 25”

 waterproof  •  dishwasher safe • UV resistant

All Hydrascape Sticker Products are made in Bellingham, WA


How to Hydrascape

river sticker.gif


Apply your Sticker to any surface:

Apply your Sticker to a water bottle:

1) Determine your placement on a CLEAN & DRY surface in a climate above 50°

2) PLACE it and PRESS it down..thoroughly

3) HEAT it with a BLOW DRYER while pressing it down to add EXTRA STRENGTH. (optional)


You must add heat after applying it (Step 3). Let it cure for at least a day before taking it out to your playground. 



1) CLEAN and DRY your bottle with soap and water.

2) PEEL 2-3 inches of backing off the tallest end of your sticker and STICK this end near the bottom of your bottle. 

3) OVERLAP the sticker on itself as you wrap it around bottle, always LINING up the bottom edge with previous wrap. SMOOTH as you go.

4) HEAT it with a BLOW DRYER while pressing down to add extra STRENGTH. (optional)

    Enjoy your fresh, new water bottle!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Ali Margello
    Great Find

    This sticker was a real find this holiday season. My daughter always carries a good-sized water bottle with her and was seeking one with a photo or view from her recent travels. This was a high-quality, durable stick-on and allowed us to use her preferred water bottle. Great buy!

    Jaralyn Koons

    I got two of the stickers, one for me and one for my boyfriend. I kept his sticker secret because his birthday is coming up. When he finally noticed the sticker on my flask he couldn’t stop complimented it or saying he liked it. So I gave it to him early and he’s been happy ever since! I wish I had more flasks to get more.


    Remind me of the adventures every time I look at it.