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YOSEMITE Infinity Sticker
YOSEMITE Infinity Sticker
YOSEMITE Infinity Sticker
YOSEMITE Infinity Sticker

YOSEMITE Infinity Sticker

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Yosemite is a place like no other. Sheer granite faces frame crystalline rivers and a dense forest valley. Waterfalls glide down cliff sides, while spectacular sunsets paint the valley in pinks and orange just as the stars start to peek out of the inky sky. This Infinity Sticker includes the Half Dome, El Capitan, the Merced River and Bridalveil Fall.

These 3.5”x26” vinyl stickers are dishwasher safe, waterproof and up resistant.

They are designed to overlap themselves around any size water bottle creating an infinite landscape!


How to Hydrascape

river sticker.gif


Apply your Sticker to any surface:

Apply your Sticker to a water bottle:

1) Determine your placement on a CLEAN & DRY surface in a climate above 50°

2) PLACE it and PRESS it down..thoroughly

3) HEAT it with a BLOW DRYER while pressing it down to add EXTRA STRENGTH. (optional)


You must add heat after applying it (Step 3). Let it cure for at least a day before taking it out to your playground. 



1) CLEAN and DRY your bottle with soap and water.

2) PEEL 2-3 inches of backing off the tallest end of your sticker and STICK this end near the bottom of your bottle. 

3) OVERLAP the sticker on itself as you wrap it around bottle, always LINING up the bottom edge with previous wrap. SMOOTH as you go.

4) HEAT it with a BLOW DRYER while pressing down to add extra STRENGTH. (optional)

    Enjoy your fresh, new water bottle!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Beautiful high quality vinyl

    Lovely print on very high quality vinyl. Take care to avoid bubbles when applying - the adhesive is strong enough to make pressing them out later a bit of a pain. I bought two of these and put one on my laptop and one on my favorite water bottle. The water bottle was applied as a wraparound and it went around a little more than twice, but you can see Half Dome and El Capitan, and the layered overlap is really cool looking. For the laptop, I cut the ends off so the middle section was exactly as wide as my laptop and I applied it along the bottom edge of the top (backside of the screen), then I used the ends on the bottom, putting the tall parts (where I had cut) at the outsides and they were just long enough so the tail ends overlap a bit in the middle. The overall effect looks awesome.

    Jane Turner
    Beautiful and high quality

    This sticker is even better than I was hoping. Super cool, high quality graphic sticker.

    Larry Farris
    Infinity Sticker

    worked perfect.

    Naomi L.
    Great quality

    I have my infinity sticker on my water bottle. The sticker was easy to apply and is durable and waterproof. Really looks great on my bottle.

    Nicole Michael

    I absolutely love the Yosemite infinity sticker and makes me happy every time I look at my water bottle. The sticker is beautiful and amazing.